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Stufrageous Stuffed Burgers





East Valley

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Exceptional burgers you must try

Stufrageous Burgers is located on 1036 West Southern Avenue in Mesa AZ. It’s not your ordinary fast food burger restaurant. Stufrageous took the idea of Burgers and Chicken sandwiches to another level. Can you say; savory, juicy, fresh and loaded with everything you can imagine? All right, if we didn’t get your mouth watering, then we at least got you curious. So here is what you can expect if you choose to visit this great burger joint.

Stuffed Burgers!! That’s right, Stufrageous stuffs their burgers with quality ingredients. No, you won’t just get a piece of meat between two buns here. You will get 100% beef or chicken stuffed with ham, mac-n-cheese, mushrooms and much more. Get this, you can even create a custom burger!


Yes, Stufrageous is a work of art and you are the architect. Imagine a Mac N Cheese stuffed burger or stuffed chicken sandwich crowned by a toasted brioche roll, and served so that you can see all the delicious ingredients inside. The burgers are also served with an incredible homemade sauce you are sure to love. You can choose from a great variety of side dishes, like sweet potato fries, Mac n cheese bites, and tempura green beans to name a few. Craving Dessert? How about a freshly baked cookie, milk shake or frozen yogurt with toppings?


If you want to tantalize your taste buds with diversity, Stufrageous  should be your destination. Hours of operation are from 10:30 9:00 p.m., every day of the week. Stufrageous knows that eating is not a mere necessity, it’s an adventure. I cannot wait until they start the delivery service. Until then, come on in, start your creation and enjoy a great twist on a traditional burger sandwich.

Stufrageous amazing recipes were selected for an article in the Phoenix Magazine in May of 2015.



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